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Pick My Best

The Pseudo-Icontest Where Icon Makers Compete Against Themselves

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Welcome to Pick My Best!
pickmybest is an icontest community that works a bit differently from other icontests.  Instead of competing against other iconmakers, you're competing against yourself to find your top icons according to the voters.  All icon subjects (aside from Adult) are allowed--Books, Movies, Celebrities, Anime, Manga, Music, etc.  It's all about quality.  For more information, check out the FAQ.

We are now back to running set rounds. We are going back to the original rules, which are as follows:

1) Each posting round is 2 weeks long. During that time, you can post a batch of up to 25 icons AND vote on batches from the previous round.
2) At the end of each posting round, mods will count votes and distribute a ribbon to each member with his or her best icon from the previous round, as voted by other members.
3) If you post a batch of icons in one posting round, you must vote on at least 2 other makers' batches by the end of the next posting round. Think of it as the golden rule. If you want feedback from others, give it to others as well :) If you want feedback from 5 people, then voting on 5 batches is a good way to go.
4) Depending on how the first round goes, we may have a header contest or monthly contest of some sort.

If you'd like to post your icons for judging, read the Maker's Rules and Maker's FAQ, and join, and then apply for posting access.

If you'd like to vote, read the Voter's Rules and the Voter's FAQ, then start picking your favorite icons!

Note: All icons belong to their creators. Check their rules on sharing before taking any icons.
Voter's Rules Maker's Rules
  • State your 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st choices in that order by commenting on the same entry where the icons are displayed. You can find the code for voting here.

  • Be certain to give your reasons for picking these icons above all the rest.  Brief comments are fine, but should be something more insightful than, "It's so pretty!"  Try something like, "Your use of coloring in this icon really grabbed my eye."

  • Feel free to vote for as many different batches of icons as you'd like, but you may only vote once per batch.

  • Flaming and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.  Please treat all makers and fellow voters with respect.
  • The maximum number of icons in a batch you can post for judging is 25. 

  • You can only submit one batch of icons per calendar week.

  • Do not re-post any icon if you included it in a previous batch.

  • Posts with broken image links will be deleted. Keep this in mind when deciding to display your icons here. You will receive a warning letting you know an image isn't showing up, but if you do not respond within a week of the warning, the post will be deleted. If it's a problem with bandwidth, let us know and we'll allow the post to remain for a month before deleting it. If the problem persists, you won't be banned, but we will encourage you to find alternative hosting.

  • This should be obvious, but if we find out that any icon posted under your name is not your own creation, you will be banned.

  • All icons must meet LiveJournal standards.  100x100px max, and less than 40kb.

  • Since we'd like this community to be open for as many people as possible, adult icons aren't allowed.  Artistic nudity is alright, but please put a warning before the lj cut.

  • Mild swearing is allowed, and it will be up to the mods' discretion. It must be placed under the lj-cut with a warning.

  • No posting of brushes, textures, patterns, gradients, or anything else besides batch entries.

  • When you post a batch, link to two other batches you've voted on in the last week.

  • If you choose to code your own icon table, please put the numbers above your icons to keep confusion at a minimum.

  • Flaming and obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated.  Please treat all voters and fellow makers with respect.

  • When applying for posting access, please put your favorite color in the subject box.

  • Make sure you have joined the community and read the Submitting Batches FAQ.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Mods

For a list of our affiliates and/or if you would like to be affiliated with pickmybest, click here.
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Special Thanks 
77words for her fabulous patterns, one of which is used in the layout.  dammitliv for her hours and hours of code-tweaking to get the sidebar/header lined up properly.  scholarslayouts for the original layout code.

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