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We have one new affiliate, icons_concrit , which everyone interested in this community should totally check out.  I mean seriously.  Check it out.  In many ways, I think it covers the other side of the demand that this community aimed to meet.  Icon makers want to know what they're doing well AND what they can do better.  I'm not even entirely sure if icons_concrit does strictly concrit, as there could be a balance of praise and criticism.  So basically, go check it out.  It's getting off the ground very, very quickly and the mods there all seem to be very organized and general superstars. 
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The last of the ribbons from our final round have been handed out... so sorry for the lateness (and please let me know if I skipped anyone)! My co-mod must've missed the post with the ribbon-making assignments, and I didn't remember to check until now. >.>

And with that, I will also end my mod-...ness. I've put a lot of time and energy (at least in terms of LJ comms XD) over the last few years into attempting to revive and sustain this community, and once again, we've hit an activity lull, so it seems like a good time for me to go. Honestly, I'm a bit tired of trying to poke life into this community (not blaming anyone; people lose interest in things and drift away, it's normal), but I know that if I stayed a mod, it'd bug me to not try, which in turn creates this weird tug-of-war between wanting and not wanting to be active. Add in school and other Real Life things, and I just don't think I'll have time and brainspace to dedicate to PMB in a modly capacity anymore, though I've had fun getting to see all of the different icon subjects and styles here over the years.

So, to my lovely co-mods, if you get this place up and running again, that would be awesome and I will probably pop in now and then as a participant, and if you choose to let it go, I'll just miss it like the rest of you. It's up to you guys, now! :D

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PickMyBest, version 2.0 - now open!


That's right, pickmybest is staying open... sort of! Some major changes have been made, and you can find them here in the Rules, as well as at the FAQ page. Please take a quick look at those again, since there is a slight difference in posting format, but here are the biggest differences:

1) There are no set rounds, but you can only post one batch every calendar week. So if you post a batch on Saturday, technically, you can post a batch the next day on Sunday, but you'll have to wait until the following Sunday to post again after that.

The community will be continually open for posting. People can vote on batches whenever they want, from whatever time.

2) There are no ribbons. Because there are no set rounds, we will not be tallying up votes and distributing ribbons. However, icon-makers will still be able to get feedback on their work.

3) When posting a batch, you must link to two other batches you've voted on in the last week (seven days). We are not awarding ribbons, so we have to motivate people to vote somehow. ;) You cannot link to the same batch(es) more than once.

For this first week - and this week only - you do not have to link to two other batches (especially if you're one of the first two people posting XD). However, voting is still greatly appreciated.

4) There is no header contest. This may change, but for now, there will be no header contest.

Your mods are currently: alata_elentari, fire_sister, happy_harper13, liangzhu, totallygay81. We are here just in case there is any confusion, flaming or rule-breaking going on. ;)

(New mods, since we have this new format, aside from the comm, the only posts you might want to keep an eye on are the Affiliates page and the posting application, which totallygay81 has done an excellent job of keeping on top of.)

There may still be some tweaking to be done, so please let me know if you run across any rule discrepancies. If you have any questions, please comment here, or on the FAQ page, or PM a mod!

Apply For Posting

Note: This is part of the housekeeping. ;) You do not need to apply again if you're already a member - this is just because I noticed that one of the links is outdated, and I can't edit that post.

Posting Application

Make certain that you've read through the Submitting Batches FAQ and the Makers Rules before applying!

1. Have you joined the community already?
2. What is the least amount of icons you can post in a batch? What is the most?
3. How many other batches must you vote in if you post your own batch?
4. Can you re-submit an icon if you included it in a previous batch?
5. What should you not post in this community?

Answers will be screened.

(Just for reference: Old Application Post)
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Final Round Closed

Round 82 is now closed, and with it, pickmybest in this form. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated not only in this round, but in any of our previous rounds. Obviously, without you, we wouldn't have lasted as long as we did!

That said, please don't bid us farewell quite yet! The spirit of PMB will continue (but with less work for us mods) after a short pause for some housekeeping and Real Life intrusions like finals and the flu. :P Those of you who commented on my last post, I'll be contacting you soon, too.